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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

26 June 2012

choking on the freedom

Gazos Creek Rd., dirt Gazos Creek, North Escape Road (which is abbreviated No. Escape Rd on some maps and gave me some welcome distraction from the relentless climbing as I thought about cartographers' jokes and how that's quite the chestnut), 236, 9, 35, dirt Alpine, Alpine Rd., Portola Rd., Old La Honda Rd., 35, Tunitas Creek Rd., 1, Stage Rd., Pescadero Creek Rd., Cloverdale Rd., Gazos Creek Rd.


I'm beginning to suspect that there will be a Full Thunder Moon Campout in Henry Coe. Next week, Monday Night. Mmmmaybe Sunday as well. Monday fer sure. Get ready for this.

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