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31 July 2010

I really wanna curl your hair

I don't know about you, but I been riding. Feeling good. Yesterday I put the road tires (37mm Panaracer Paselas with the gumwall) on the cross bike and rode that. I rode up to that one spot but was denied access, so I took some screamingly fast swoopy descents and then climbed up another way.

Man, I forgot how much railing one can do. Aside from finally (maybe) allaying my flat curse- the one under which I have labored silently these past several months (seriously, like every other ride at least one flat, sometimes multiples)- the roundy roundness just offers so much lean. I love the roads again!

Especially when they lead to a trail. Lots of ups and downs, because I especially love that.

image courtesy of Golden Age Comic Book Stories

Wood fenders?

I know, I also dislike the flat ones which do little to avoid a gritty spray out the sides. MK Fenders has sweeet formed wood fenders that look like they work...

If any of y'all feel the need for a detailed review, you are welcome to purchase some (unadorned, thanks- I like neutral) and have them sent to me for a full inspection. That way you know if you really want them.

Hey! who lives in Portland and has some size 10 Dromarti cycling shoes they aren't wearing? Send them too.

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