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28 July 2010

ain't no puzzle y'all

...we, uh, groovin' on the spirituality.

D, 10, is spending much of his summertime riding the ocean with the Monterey Junior Guards. It's a fantastic program. They're teaching him to surf, which is rad. It's a great sport, with potential for a lifetime of joy and I sure am not the one to teach him.

It's also time for someone to teach the boy to ride the bike with fly style, and for that, I'm the one. Today he rode waves off a Asilomar, and I rode dirt off a that one area. So when we completed our separate pursuits, he cleaned the sand residue off a himself and I cleaned the food residue off a the dishes and we went for a ride:

At first, we couldn't agree on where to ride. Then we decided to ride our bikes to a good spot in the woods where we could read our books and make some snacks.

Today was about the finding of the funnest route to wherever it may be that you're going. To my mind, that requires some dirt.

It's been a while since we hit the trash can lid.

The trusty Esbit. Wood fire to boil some tofu dogs...

Then we continued on up the hill to that one overlook to wait for the rest of the family to join us for some more snacks, some binocular aided whale watching, and ultimately the sunset.

Hot dance move action.

False mustache.

We still party...

Cuz life is much too short for you to not be fly.


Anonymous said...

so rad. those kids betta know how rad they have it.
rad dad.

Little_Jewford said...

whats with all the Lancaster/Berks Pennsyltucky types that follow your blog?

reverend dick said...

Hot dance moves really bring disparate types together.
What's with all the folks reading this who don't ride their bikes when it's a full moon?

Little_Jewford said...