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23 July 2010

I always know where you are

You might think it's crazy.

My brother and niece visited. We took them on a little bike camping trip...

T_____, the niece, flat out hated the ride out. It's (only) 3 miles to the shady trail to camp, but they are a hot, up and down 3 miles. Apparently, I forget that this little camping trip is more than most kids are prepared to get up off the couch and enjoy. It is hard work.

I forget that because I enjoy the hateful parts of a ride.'s a gift we share, you and I.

Turtle spotting. J saw 2.

I took my phone for a swim and it didn't work out well. If you've been trying to reach me with no success, that's why. Get at me via some computer based text.

That shot there? That is T_____ forgetting entirely the work it took to get to that point. Get it while you can.

Masks and snorkels continue to please.

Breakfast with the propane stove. No fires right now...

2 days worth of living by the water's edge. Floating, swanging, jumping, swimming, lounging, etc.

Loaded with camping gear for 7, the Big Dummy was...more awkwardly laden than ever before. Not at it's heaviest, but certainly at it's top-heaviest. Weird sensations of flex...

Everything (all of it) made it on board, but it required a little more thinkering than usual. Give thanks for long straps! The xtracycle platform (represented here by Surly's Big Dummy) continues to haul much ass on kickass adventures.

That is: bike left/ green drybag with one 2man tent, one 3man tent, and one 4man tent; bike right/ kitchen bag with 2burner propane stove, two propane bottles, fry pan, pot, coffee press, plates/bowls/cups/silverware, spatula(!), dishwashing tub,etc; on top/3 folding chairs, 1 folding stool (with the cooler bag underneath); on topper/ gray dry bag filled with sleeping bags for 7, and pads for 5 (some folks carried they own pads)...what you don't see up front is the panniers containing the (not much) left over food and various deflated float toys.

Help getting up the steep singletrack from campo to Indians Road was required.

I should mention: J rode the big boy 20" wheeled bike with hand brakes and gears! I set the gears to "easy" for him, but he worked the brakes all by his lonesome. And yes, that is a single speed cruiser with a loaded basket...D is a stud, and he has no idea. Perfect.

We took a little time out to watch Black Dynamite, which I can wholeheartedly recommend to those who enjoy films in that genre. It was clear the filmmakers really loved what they were doing. They even left the boom mike in several scenes so you'd know they know you know.

I'ma have to change the name of this blog to "Look at us at Arroyo Seco!" if I don't get some new content...

July in Monterey...

It was sure swell hanging out with those 2.


Robert H said...

You live in a never ending party, my friend.

Gunnar Berg said...

I inherited an old Nokia phone from my daughter which had been in the lake twice and once in a mixed drink. It worked good except I couldn't key 5. That didn't seem to be much of a limiter as I tend to answer, not call.

reverend dick said...

I only share the good parts.

Berg, I can't tell you more than you know about how inspiring it is that your 2nd hand beater phone lived through a spirited dunking. lol.

Katie said...

Damn. You bike camp so much better than I can even car camp.