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25 July 2010

2010 TdF? whatever.

Contador wins 3? I'm like "whatever".



That is what I'm talking about. 557k on the heels of the Dauphine.

Look at those maniacs.


Gunnar Berg said...

Nice video.

Pffffft, indeed. I started out subconsciously pulling for Contador. By the end of the Tour I was hoping Schleck would kick his ass.

Merckx would eat them for lunch.

Gunnar Berg said...

Lance? 91 wins.
Contador? to be determined.
Merckx? 525 wins.

Also, I believe the first two are sophisticated dopers. Maybe Alberto was clean this year?

In his first TdF Merckx won by 18 minutes, not a few seconds.

reverend dick said...

Armstrong is getting his any minute now. I am glad about this.

Merckx has 525 wins because he RACED. I feel a much stronger connection to the racing ethos of that and previous eras because they raced from their guts. No team radios and no carefully conditioned scientifically measured computer printout power output heartrate efforts tailored to the course profile. Where's the soul in that? Prepare all year for one race? Robots. Puppets.

Although Anquetil was the first to openly admit the doping ("One cannot win the Tour on mineral water alone") the above video speaks volumes about his heart.

blackcatbicycles said...

i don't know boys and girls, it's a different world, then and now. it's not fair to compare. they used to race into shape (hence the massive truckload of victories), now its scientific printouts until the big day. but, they still are going damn fast up them hills. damn fast. when schleck and contador can put 3 minutes on the rest of the best cyclists in the world in a handful of km's, it is unfair to take that away from them.
never again will there be the dramatic solo big breaks up the mountain (by a gc contender). those days are gone. but we still get monumental stages of attacking riders flogging each other, backlit by motorcycle headlights in impenetrable fog, roads lined with the mentally insane. does it get better?
its different now, but i was gripped...

you can thank lance and bruyneel for the current form of stage racing. douche bags. should have stayed outta sight rather than proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. there were far more deserving men on the squad to let lance hog the resources. horner? ruled it.
leipheimer? ruled it.

i'll shut up.

reverend dick said...

Horner was awesome, you're right.

As for the robots and puppets, take away the race radios! Then I'd be ok with the fact that the dope remains.

I'm holding my breath...

reverend dick said...

And yes, they raced into shape, but they also raced ALL YEAR. I just can't love the new science format.

Anonymous said...

Science will either kill the soul or force us to evolve. There is no going back.

Echelon 133 said...

As for Lance he won't get his. Pharma is envolved so big business would go down too. Too much at stake and Cancer would loose its cash cow.

As for Contador.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Our next Hero Taylor Phinney?

Any Black Helicopters out there??