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03 February 2010

retractable eyestalks


Carrying on a musical conversation with Berg.

Polishing rivets the right way and terrorizing the local fauna the hard way is what really time it is in Monterey, homie. 50ish miles under some sun!

Interactions with cars. Mostly sucky. I rolled up to stop at a stop sign and some important woman with a higher purpose cut the corner turning left at a high rate of speed, nearly clipping me. She was frowning and shaking her head as though it were my fault she'd nearly run me down on account of making her turn way too early. It is hard to swallow. Entitlement and's always someone else's fault. Right?

And, hey! Monterey to you, Patchkit Guy- my kids have a list with your name on it...

Who likes to velocache?

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Gunnar Berg said...

How old am I? I'm so old that I remember Moon Mullican (not Mulligan) on the local AM radio station, "this is 14-5-0, K.A.T.E. in Albert Lea".