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06 February 2010

repair at will

Friday was Conference Day- no school.

Time for some Brown Lunch!

The trusty Esbit.

Toasting almonds in the woods.

Damp twigs and spanish moss. You know how we do.

L and J wait for the Brown Lunch: lentil soup, chard, toasted almonds. Tabasco and crackers.

The trusty Esbit transforms. Tall cylinders are not the best cooking vessels. But it was time for coffee. I need a Kelly Kettle so bad.

And perhaps another coffee cup.

Fancy town and country style.

J took off early. Several times. We drank coffee, then headed for the swings and their attendant lollipop stash.

So yes. Idyllic.

J had brought me his bike before L got home and said it wasn't working. The BB was luhoose. Loose enough to have lost a bearing as he (and his siblings who know better...) had ridden it relentlessly and warped the cages. L was due home in 20 minutes and we had that window. I decided to replace the missing 1/4" bearing with an acorn nut of nearly the same size. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on, it's an ashtabula crank on a 16lb 3rd hand kid bike. Anyways, it worked!

You know, well enough.

I'll replace the bearings soon. I know what you're thinking...but really I will. On account of J's BB seized completely coming up the road on the way back from the old Boy Scout Camp:

I'm going to freak out.


Gunnar Berg said...

Life is good.

Fxdwhl said...

real woodsmen toast their own almonds; I'm impressed. might be time for a proper front rack too; forget about those shoes.

grommet said...

Very nice.............

Ever heard of the Penny Ulralight Alcohol Backpack stove?

reverend dick said...

What about the shoes?

I like the Esbit or Kelly Kettle (go check it out!) because you can use twigs for fuel. The only thing the alcohol stoves have going for them is that one could stock everclear for dual purpose fuel/partying...and we all know how that would go.

Robert H said...

Best header picture yet!

Freewheel said...

Very nice pics. Looks like a rather isolated park.

reverend dick said...

It's ~3 miles back into the former military base of fort Ord, so there are plenty of oddly out of place features like these swings in the middle of the woods. The kids love it.

Dan said...

The kelly kettle really is the way to go. you can carry it anywhere and it is self contained including the fire pot.. it is awesome.