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26 August 2009

when's the last time you heard a funky _____?

Singlespeed Worlds...coming soon.

Practicing for the heat. Winnowing the field of thrifted men's dress shirts to glean which one has the coveringest sleeves for a given (light) weight. Narrowing the choices in terms of which popped collars stay popped and so block the sun. These are important factors to consider when thinking about extensive riding in Utah (and Colorado) soon. September in Durango will probably be hot, but anything can happen in the mountains. Wool? Cotton?

Plans are mercurial and getting more so. Folks' itineraries are up in the air these days. I need to spend some time with an atlas and a highball. I'd really lik to ramble across the lower 1/3rd of Utah. Maybe fly into Vegas and Greyhound it up to Richfield, to ride from there...24 through Capitol Reef to 95 over&through Glen Canyon Nat'l Rec. Area to Blanding. One of you Moabites will take pity on me there and pick me up. Right? That wouldn't take but 3 days. Right? Assuming all went well, of course. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Gotta come up with a kick-ass adventure.

And, plus, Telluride-Durango is a must. Dirt the whole (nearly) way. Finish at the Hot Springs.

Anyhoo. Riding. Rode the largish local dirt loop today. Replenished the beerpile on the commute section. Sweated. Felt slow, but it was an "everything I had loop". Replenished the mini beer cave at the bluff end of Mudhen Express. No stalking stRangers that I could see. Fort Ord is a sandy trap right now. I did go doooooown and lose my knife and an empty/crushed can of Hamm's; which if anybody finds them I want back.

Cruised by the Stairs, only to see evidence of unscrupulous partying. WTF? Pack out your empties- you know, unless you lose them in a freak crash or something. The Boy and I have our Mission laid out for us tomorrow cleaning up this mess.

Slithered back into town and under the fogbank via the bikepath, resupply at Casa Bodega, up/over Veteran's to sneaky dirt down and this brief spot:
to drink a cold tallboy and stash the (plastic?) bottle of Early Times (Hey, things are tough all over) under the well established cooking base/hooch cover/trash can lid in the woods.

home via dirt and pave. ~40miles.



Anonymous said...

if all goes to plan, we'll be rocking Edoz wool jerseys. what you riding? you still have that big ol' pink bike?

Robert H said...

Always go with the wool, my friend.

reverend dick said...

Headtube Angler- I have that bike, but it is disassembled currently. I was unhappy with the fit- my own fault, I know. It may reappear in an altered format or it may be sold for dollars.

Robert- mostly, yes. Utah, southern CO...that shit is hottt.

Anonymous said...

What size tires are mounted to your cross bike?

reverend dick said...

32 rear discontinued WTB 44 in the front.

Anonymous said...

gotta git you an Edoz Rev !

reverend dick said...

I have the Black Cat SS. Perhaps this wizard you speak of can make the super kick-ass mixte?

Anonymous said...

email me your design and i'll conjure up the wizard!

just sent BC some money for my dropouts two minutes ago! yeeeyahhh

macmorg said...

Hey, been talking to some local yokels about your t-ride to drango plans. Some interest, Cavey P. being one, call or email me for more...

reverend dick said...

Corm- you tell P_t_y from me: "do you even ride a bike anymore?"

Woohoo! I knew some hard mountain folk would come through in the clutch! It is on. How's about Thursday the 17th? Or perhaps Friday the 18th, to really cement our chances of crushing the field on Saturday? ahem...One speeds?