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25 August 2009 desperadoes waiting for a train

N and I went to see the latest Harry Potter (1/2 Blood Prince). In the tiempo de los cortos, we saw the preview for some End of Days film starring (I am sad to report) John Cusak. It looked marginally positiver in it's outlook than Cormac McCarthy's bummerfest, The Road. The premise being, that shit is really going to hit the wall in 2012, ref the Mayans etc. and we- well, really not you and me, probably,only the chosen few- are going to need a spaceship to get out of this one.

Fuck all this.

Some of you dudes, you act real rude and seem to get off on the idea that there is a coming Global Shitstorm. Not my term. Kunstler etc. The Arch Druid has a longer term view of the same type set up- that present "civilization" cannot continue, and we've had the pomp and comes the Fall. Ok, I see things are reaching a head around the place. Global Warming and such. Rampant use of disposable plastic bags. Chinese ownership and goods. Recession. Rednecks.

Can we not fantasize about this situation? End Times are coming for everone of your asses, even yours fitboy. No one here gets out alive. Death will not be forestalled by eating systematically, or exercise, or good intentions. Neither will you be passed over safe beneath your dome of money, drugs or good planning.

As Jimmie Dal Gilmore put it, in Midnight Train:
You may sit beside fear and go worse than lonely or travel with trust and love and love and faith restored. These choices you have and these choices only, When that train rolls in and you step on board.

I am not in possession of clues or smarts, but I do know that living in fear sucks ass. So, instead I'll come at things from a conviction based on my having had an excellent time so far that some... Good Firmament underlies this plane of existence. I will ride bikes. I will attempt to learn Patience and Tolerance and Humility. I will drink inexpensive canned beer and hide it in the woods, too. I'll make choices as wisely as is possible for a bike-addled primate with a conscience and a family given the facts as I know them.

I will pull the wool over my own eyes.

At least until it is really time to break out the pitchforks and torches. In the meantime I will also decline to watch these movies or participate in the fear-mongering.


Gunnar Berg said...

Well mongered, grasshopper.

Fxdwhl said...

i was just watching road warrior last night and thinking apocolyptic thoughts as well. lemme borrow some wool to hide my eyes too. these deep disturbing thoughts can wear on you quickly. especially with kids in the equation.

Anonymous said...

you have scared me into not giving into those who scare me.

Lord Hayden said...

The only thing we have to fear, is the coming remake of Red Dawn.

grommet said...

Reverend Dick, you have out done yo self on this one...........Grab your gun the end times are near!

reverend dick said...


I sat on this one for 3 weeks, thinking it was too- I don't know what, maybe-unnecessary/whiny. So this response surprises me.

Anonymous said...

Suposedy the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012. That is just not true.

On that day I am just going to stop imagining the world exists.