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27 August 2009

apple pirate

Days off during the week are just my type. Avoid the yahoos, avoid the rush of the crowd...I'll take it.

J is in preschool, which is skippable, so he joined me in playing the hook this fine sunny Thursday. We loaded up the Big Dummy (vs. the trailerbike and per his request) with velocache and Brown Lunch supplies. Then it was off to the dirt.

The "plan" was to be Secret Boys and find our lollipop stash, which is out in the woods. Actually, we have several from which to choose.

This day we chose the Northern most hiding spot, which is the regular commute stop.

I think it's very vital to keep the suckers encased in glass. So as to keep out the unwashed; bugs, etc. There is a technique to opening the jar.

The payoff is totally worthwhile.

After swooping singletrackedly into town, J decided he'd rather grab a sandwich and hit Dennis the Menace Park rather than head out again for Brown Lunch. So we did that.

Then we velocached.

Then we rode back up and over that hill.

You can see here the new stoker bar position. He's grown to the point that we needed to flip the stem and raise his bars so's he can fit. Also, I didn't realize just how casually he takes this whole passengering gig. Pretty casually, judging from this candid snapshot.

P.S. To the individual who came here searching for "how 2 ride a dick": I sincerely hope this site helps. Remember, never be afraid to ask questions; it's how you learn.


Gunnar Berg said...

I had a daughter...late. It's hard to play Secret Boys with a girl. Enjoy.

Robert H said...

With posts like this, I'm seriously questioning your "dick" status.
It looks like a wonderful day.

reverend dick said...

Robert H- you needn't question; it's the internet! Of course I'll make myself appear spectacular.