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12 August 2009

accomplished designer of over the top interiors

On the other hand, we were able to make yet another bike based trip to the swimmin hole. The bicycle breakdown went a little something like this: N on her townie with a knobbie swapped in and a fender swapped out on the front end (it looks so tough) D on the 24"mtb (ostensibly his now I guess) my brother on the kamped out Karate Monkey and T (niece) , J and my ownself aboard the Big Dummy (hauler of gear and asses).

The kids were by turns happy to jump off cliffs, snack, lounge hole-side, and swim. There was sunscreen. We brought our own beers so we did not have to pilfer from the coolers of others. There was no one else there anyway.

Backcountry bikepile. Who's punker?

I love that bike. The daughter is ok, too. There can be a lot of drama/fussing these days. 12 is the new 18.

Walking them...

and walking us. Hot.

At the top of that climb, my brother swapped rides with me and took off with the kid-laden longbike. He wobbled a little, but not for long.


Gunnar Berg said...

12 years is tough. She'll be okay again at about 17.

Anonymous said...

so awesome to see how they've grown up ! i miss you and that sweet fam!

grommet said...

Is that a welding hat u are wearing?

reverend dick said...

G- I guess you'd know.

junior- It will be fine to see you again at SSWC09.

grommet-uh, that is a cycling cap. And to me it's a symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom.

grommet said...

I thought is was used to cover your bald head?

reverend dick said...

that shit is secret!!!!!

why you think I put black boxes over peoples's hairlines?!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Awesome. I live in the wrong place. We can't swim in anything without dumping chlorine in first or checking for alligators.

reverend dick said...

Alligators and sharks, huh?

I decline.