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01 July 2009

what the falafel?!?!

I keep crashing my bike. And it hurts!

I crashed today climbing out of the saddle, one handed while trying to hitch up my pants. I know, but they all seem like Good Ideas at the time. Right hand on the bars, hitching with the left= no problem, if a little jerkier than I'd anticipated. Left hand on the bars, I tugged with my right hand= one stroke OK, next stroke dowwwwwwwwwwn. In the roadbed, in traffic, because I am an idiot.

And because my screwy, bum left shoulder leaves me open to this kind of thing. You laugh, but that is because you are an insensitive jerk, and you have not tried that recently. Really, go out and try climbing whilst standing, one handed. It is harder than you think. I took it mostly on the left knee, so good thing I had on pants.

In any event, I need to get it together. This kind of one sided lop-sidedness is unacceptable. I need to "get in shape."There. I said it. Now I must do it.

As an aside, Arnica works very well to reduce inflammation.

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Anonymous said...

thou shall not crasheth