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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

01 July 2009

buck buck #1 coming...

For all those that don't know:

July 7th is the Full Buck Moon.

now you know.

Who can tell me the name of my DJ? 1, 2, 3...______________


Patch Kit Guy said...

terminator X boyyyyyy

Patch Kit Guy said...

Buck Buck, aka "how to have fun with your man friends and pretend it's not homoerotic."

Yeah, looking forward to that, for sure.

Anonymous said...

what the buck are we talking about?

Lord Hayden said...

This will be my last night as a 29-year old...might as spend it biking in the dark.

reverend dick said...

Hey Patch Kit got no glue...uh, gals can play too. Looking forward to THAT?

Headtube- Bill Cosby hipped me to this. "I started out as a child."

Haydenlord- ain't no better way to spend it. I lik to ride 100 miles on my birfdays. You better get moving.