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04 July 2009

better than _________________

picture this, only with super gay pink, green and ice blue Speedblend tires...

Get it while you can, I suppose. I pulled the flashy fixie out of the shed in order to ride it to work. The front tire was flat, and I remembered it having been flat several weeks ago when last I rode it, so I pulled the tube and tried to find the leak. No dice. The valve was a little bent, but it seemed like no big deal, and it held air when closed...Maybe I misremembered, I thought, and put the tube back in. Rode to work, loving it all the while.

Worked. At lunch, I noticed the damn tire was flat.So I spent much of the break replacing it, since I knew I would not be able to find the leak. My pump on that bike is the junk pump- an oooold Silca Impero which I leave on that bike because it is not good enough to use always, and not bad enough to throw out. It felt very strange upon use; it would cycle without catching, and then get very sticky. Back and forth with no rhyme. I pulled it off and put it to my lips to moisten the rubber seal again- it is my standard practice to do this to lube the connection and, in my mind, create a better seal- only to have thispop out and ruin my day. Then the valve stem tore.

I had to call my wife to pick me up.


Anonymous said...

Earwig eh. isn't that that kook that plays second fiddle to Phil & Paul?
Al Earwig?

Lord Hayden said...

Earwigs.....Mother Nature's roach clip.

blackcatbicycles said...

a friend of mine cleaned his coffee maker out one day and the reservoir in which you pour the water was full of dead roaches. be happy you only got what you got.

reverend dick said...

Yes, kissing the earwig pales in comparison to the realization you've drunk countless cups of brewed roach. Sodden, rotting roach.

How could you not notice the taste? I guess it built up, um, gradually.