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15 April 2013

this is serious

With morning, in America, comes breakfast. Pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries in the woods.

Pancakes dispatched,  these little piggies agitated to hike(?!) up and over to Coit Lake. That's right, you heard right. No one wanted to ride their bikes after the long slog up and in the day prior. The wind picked up as soon as we started up, and by the time we arrived at the other side it was a cold and uninviting lake front. A quick powwow and a turnaround...Kelly Lake was warmer and had almost no wind.

If you tote lots of cans of beer around in your frame bag while riding with an aggressively controlled yet smooth style, some of those cans will, inevitably, spring a leak. True fact: my much-loved Revelate Designs frame pack reeks of old beer. I don't mind. It is a familiar and comfortable smell.

 My doppleganger?

3 fishermen had arrived and set-up their camp at the only "beach" on Kelly Lake while we had been away. Leaving aside the issue of setting one's camp at the water's edge and the related issue of effectively blocking access to the lake by assuming the best about other people (in this case the best being that they were simply ignorant of common courtesy and best camping principles) we said "Hello." Then we went over to our own campsite (well chosen, hidden, not-blocking-access-to-water-for-animals-or-other-people) and blew up the floaties. This took some time, and I became light-headed.

I sent J ahead with 3 cold Hamm'ses to foster good relations, because we were going to hang out at the beach, fishermen or no. They got the picture, so that was nice. We then lounged and scared all the fish well away from that spot for the rest of the day.

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