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17 April 2013

this is the end of an era

So, I see Carmel Bob and his sideshow have folded up their tents and left the building. The good ship SLEAZE OTTER has sunk. Looks like for good. Somebody blew it.


blackcatbicycles said...

all the better.

that guy was a jerk.

he wouldn't know a good time if one slammed his fingers in a car door.

he made me pretend to ride all the way out to marina once.

that sleaze otter was a poorly run operation. shitty free drinks, and the prize list was pathetic. the "officials" were three sheets to the wind before the race even got started!

he probably got arrested. hopefully...

the sleaze otter is dead.
long live the sleaze otter.

Little_Jewford said...

Is this some sort of double secret code that Sleaze Otter is not dead? I'm not cool enough to figure it out....

rik van hooydawg said...

like Burning Man, I've never been..

Fahzure said...

I refuse to let this alter my training.