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22 April 2013

in loco parentis

 I know people who actually are hardcore, and it ain't me. What we have going for us is that we show up and do it. While we don't have the freshest gear, we are fly for life. We have what we have, and we use it.

 Leaving Kelly Lake for the climb (of course! it's Henry Coe) out.

 Looking back...

  And, after a steep and brief fire road,

 looking forward...

All the food had been eaten, so my load was light enough to afford the kids the luxury of me carrying all their gear on the exit. I did not tell anyone, but on the way in I had quietly loaded D_____ heavier than ever. Training him up or exploiting the naivete of youth? You tell me.

 Fancy bike ladies in the middle of no place. L___ insisted on carrying her own gear. Insisted. I think she felt like the pack would pad her in the event of crashing. She is a good sport.

Switch-backs down down down. That route ends on a up note.

We arrived in Salinas to find Margie's closed! That was a bummer. It has been our family tradition to reenter civilization from these bike campouts via some of the greatest onion rings on the planet. That was Margie's. Well, I guess the In-and-Out joint moving in literally next door was the end for a local establishment with great greasy diner food but without a state-wide ad campaign (to compensate for it's lousy food and truly bad soggy fries). It was a blow to my spirit. Another nail in the coffin of the local local dives. People. When the choice is there, please support your local. If you don't, who will? If you don't, there will be no local dives just nationwide strip mall based trash. Damn.

Seriously. Those fries at the In-and-Out were the worst.

Anyhow, there remains the 2 Margie's left- one in San Luis Obispo and one in Paso Robles. So if you are traveling along the 101 and are hungry, stop in there and get a face sized plate of onion rings while you can.

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