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05 October 2012

with a difference!

Driving in my auto and stopped at a red light, I hear a pounding, a rumbling, a thumping, a large white pickup. It pulls up behind me. It is a car back, but the rattling low quality hip hop is so loud I can feel it. I am in the right lane waiting to go straight. I am facing Southwest, and it is about an hour and a half before sunset.

There is a Seaside Police cruiser facing me across the intersection. It is in the left turn lane.

I see a guy on a bicycle, on the sidewalk, on the opposite corner. He is waiting for the same light. He intends to cross (in the cross-walk) and continue his salmonish sidewalk commute. He is wearing some kind of major sport jersey type shirt and striped wind pants. He has a backpack. He has a helmet. He is wearing sunglasses.

The sun is at a very low angle. It is extremely bright. All of us are sitting at this intersection less than a mile from the Monterey Bay. For the people facing any kind of West, it is very hard to see.

The light changes to green. I slowly cross the intersection. The cyclist is in the cross walk. The 2 cars behind me are turning right. The first car goes. The large rattly truck lurches out. I hear a deep clunk.  Looking in my rear view, I see the cyclist pick himself and his bike up off the street. The truck accelerates away. The cop is sitting there.

It's preaching to the choir in here, but DANG! Be aware of conditions, people.


Gunnar Berg said...

Ya know, I'm pissed at the pickup driver. The cop I really hate.

reverend dick said...

He didn't light up his flashers. He didn't whoop the siren. He just sat there.

Apis said...

That "Bag-With-Which-One-Douches" obviously couldn't see over his doughnut. Perhaps the steam of his coffee obscured his vision?

Or was it the online porn on his phone distracting him?