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03 October 2012

is it possible to escape from your grave?

This a little faster than the version on the Cold Cold World lp (and which I prefer), but there is only so much Blaze Foley on the computer web. He is one of the great ones.

I use my phone as a soundtrack, when/if I listen to music on rides. Sometimes it isn't safe. For example: if one were climbing up a shaded ribbon of potholes stitched together with chip and seal and said "road" were roughly 9' across bordered by a sheer drop and a rock wall, why then being able to hear cars is mandatory. When the windy goodness opens up and the corners are there for the leaning, the railing, slingshots to be taken at the limits of nerve and skill...yesterday Blaze was in my ears.

It was my birfday. I celebrate with bike rides. This bicycle thing, it continues to hold my interest.

Mt Charlie is perhaps my favorite road anywhere. After climbing up from Glenwood, it is good to drop it again on the other side and stop off at Taylor Ranch for some organic D'Anjou pears for $2/lb. Stuff your $ in the honor box and relish a resupply uninhibited by fluorescent lights and slippery floors.

50ish (s)miles?

Keep keepin on.