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14 October 2012

and it comes with a secret hiding place

When you are camped in the middle of the trail (who does that?!?) getting underway has already happened.

 The hill climbing is undertaken. Push.


Push. I love this shot. It really captures the relentlessness.

  Checking the map at every intersection. When there are doubts, get the map out. Making sure that is the Kelly Lake Trail...

 which trail is ridge riding for real.

  All that pushing pays off with interest?

 If you consider dropping and dropping and dropping singletrack in the middle of noplace under cover of oaks a payoff, then:YES.

 We didn't haul those floaties out there for nothing and it ain't nobody here but us chickens.

 There are several acceptable spots for camping at Kelly Lake. We opted for the best one.

Camp Life.

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