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11 July 2012

there's nothing more American than that

It's for the best that I not say too much about crashing KB out 2 times. Once when he was attempting to pass on the " Hot line", and he called it, so. One thrown elbow, a bad line through the litter and stick up the spokes equals badly mangled derailer (bent backwards/inwards/sideways, blown out lower jockey wheel)  and hanger. Seatpost as a lever to bend hanger back, rack hardware sourced nylock nut to back up jockey bolt.
Super PRO. Worked for the rest of the evening. The second time was running the red light across Fremont, while KB checked for traffic and he ran into me

Anyhow. Nice work, fellas. Please ride with me again ?


Gunnar Berg said...

If chaos follows you around, maybe you are the problem.

blackcatbicycles said...

as the only witness to both incidents, $20 buys my testimony.

well, since you both always seem to run out of cash at just the right moment, maybe $40...

reverend dick said...

That's like blaming Magnetism for all these shabby iron filings hanging around.

Iron filings always be hitting you up for $20 on bike rides.