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14 July 2012

Listen. Let's get down to brass tacks. How much for the ape?

Feels just like yesterday. That is a picture of the Fargo's front end, as it stands. What you are seeing is the test ride, which verified the Minimalist rack configuration viz light position and 8 beer minimum capacity. Those beers are now resting behind that one log along that trail, so the focus is really on the light. It is that Supernova E3 (remember? the dynamo-powered 800lumens?) and it works grrrreat. I'm not certain the placement is optimal, but it's the best I've figured out so far. The lighting quizality is top notch, though, and that's what counts.

This is gearing up to the ill-advised train trip/Kokpelli ride next week. I wisht I could take a squishier bike, but this is the set-up that works given the hauling and (more) lighting needs. This trip will be taking place in the dark of the New Moon (you can't force me into your categories!) and during the hottest month of the year, so I'll ride a bunch of night hours...

If you need bike lighting, the E3 is totally bad ass. And it never runs out of battery! It's available through your LBS (QBP carries them) and, as of now (sadly too late for this trip), so is the Plug- Supernova's top cap USB charger. That's some sweet technology.


Bloggo said...

Hi. Can you tell me how the light is mounted to the rack? Is there a bolt threaded into one or both of the bosses at the front of the rack to attach it and if so, do you know the size/threading specs o'df the bolt? Many thanks.

reverend dick said...

As I recall, it's a button head M5- standard water bottle size thread, just using the flat button head so there's no interference with the rest of the mount. It is threaded into the rack.

I have a hazy memory of switching the mount from another style mount...but it can't be a big deal since I don't remember details.

Bloggo said...

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried that and it seems too snug but I will take another look. Maybe I'm being too ginger with it--afraid to strip threads and all.