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30 July 2012

complete, unexpurgated shameless gypsy trollops

 Things happen that are beyond the scope of this webblog. People of Moab: I had an excellent time! Thank you for everything.

In the interest of packing as much Good into the Times, we rallied Monday morning before my train ride home with a quick jaunt up to the La Sals to ride Hazard County and UPS...

 Rim Tours came through HUGE with the shuttle, the loaner bikes, and the expertise...Thanks, people of Rim!

 It was super super riding with OG Moab. Including, but not limited to B?!? That brother don't swear he nice, he know he nice. Yeah, boyeeee, yeah!.

 It is SO much cooler up there.

 It was not lost on me, the fact that this UPS could have been the final leg of my Kokopelli...

The End.

Youtube thought I should watch this:

Wow. That's a hard situation. I think, having seen this, that I would wait until the guy got on the bike and then knock him over and start kicking. The momentum is there for you that way. It is especially effed that the security jerk asks him why he doesn't park where he's supposed to; as if that were the problem.

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