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30 May 2012

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Friend X and I were discussing Friend Y and his situation, as Friends will do. I mentioned that Y said out loud that he had been broken-hearted and was generally unhappy. I asked him if he'd been riding his bike. "No...mumble...excuse...time constraint..."reason"..." I expressed amazement at this, to both Friends. Friend X was not amazed and said that he also has to push through issues to get back on the bike occasionally. I expressed amazement at this.

For my self, riding bikes is a tonic. As it is for each of these Friends (and likely for you, if you bother to read this stuff), and it is central to my Happiness. When I am unable to pedal, I become sullen and withdrawn (OK, more so) and I am a pill. It is foreign to me, the idea that one could lose the bike. It is the source of Goodness and Good Times.

But, there you go. Different folks etc. So. If something/anything is keeping you from riding your bike...get back in that saddle.

As for me and mine, we been riding. Stuff. Kid biking. Rattlesnake spotting. Commuting (the open secret method for maintaining fitness and sanity). I will say that after riding the fat bike (the new Nate 3.8 knobby tire is _ucking _antastic, by the way) so extensively, I got on my Black aCt SS and it is a ROCKET. I am having a personal renaissance of singlespeeding over here. So fast and fun.

We are gonna be gone for a bit, so no one rob us. Smell you later.

P.S. Friend Y is riding again, and in much better spirits.


Lord Hayden said...

It's not robbing if I need it.

rik van hooydawg said...

i need to start riding again

Little_Jewford said...

hmm.....Lord Hayden's gimpy arm is going to slow him down....I wonder if its considered a good deed to help a temporarily disabled friend to do a little smash and grab?

Charlie said...

The best way to feel better is doing something that we like, if your friend is just like us, he will probably forget about all of his problems if he rides a bike everyday!!