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16 May 2012

return from the mountain temple

Something told me there was a way.

I left the tent at home so as to save the 2.5lbs and (more) the bulk. Thought I'd try my hand at some bushcraft- if a blue tarp and some extra long toe-straps count as bushcraft. It worked out well for the use. If there had been rain I'd have been screwed with that incarnation, but it was scheduled to be clear and my "reasoning" was to put a barrier between me and scary monsters

 (Yes, I know) Fact: since 1850 there have been exactly 16 mountain lion attacks on humans in California. But way out in the sticks by yourself, your mind will play tricks on you. 

I will direct your attention to the exemplary strapping on the front wheel/foot arch. Yeah. 
A 10'x10' tarp would work just fine for rain (without excessive wind) even though the extra weight might put it back into tent range. Still save on bulk, though.

P.S. Folks considering new bikes in FLA may disregard my 2 cents, but the rest a yous should know: the fat bike RULED IT. For this camping excursion, loaded over crappy terrain? I am 100% stoked on this bike for this application.

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Apis said...

Out back or beyond and you're worried more about lions than bigfoots (feet?)? Misplaced fears IMHO.