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10 May 2012

are you now, or have you ever been?

Let's all get down.

 There is some sidehill singletrack around here. It just takes getting up and out of your little roundy rounds and look at a map. You see the options. Some of them will end after you climb up and up and up and up only to come upon the endless poison oak tunnel. Then you check it out (because you must) to see it would require some serious work with the loppers and the paper bodysuit, and turn around and descend to try the other trail. That one works, to a point.

 It is worth doing.

Sweet, 100% in bounds camp spots are out there.

I only had so much time for exploration, so at the 3rd creek crossing, which was more than I wanted with a bike in hand, hiking out for a look-see was the way. I liked what I saw.

This camp had nothing but a trash bag filled with Swedish Fish packaging, a pair of blown out houseshoes (who takes those to the woods?!), some loose dog food strewn on the forest floor (nice way to bring in the skunks...), and a 1/4 full bottle of Evan Williams. I'll take what I can get. I packed out yahoo's trash and took his whiskey for my efforts. It is now hidden at the sweet camp spot.  1 more reason to head out there, as if it were needed.

 The singletrack was well placed, shaded, and fresh. As of a couple days ago, the wildflowers are beginning to pop. An empty whiskey bottle from another camp spot (what is with these hack drunks? Pack out your trash!) made a nice vase with which to deliver a bouquet to my sweetie.

I dropped the pressure in my tyres quite a bit, and it was shmooooth music. That Endomorph 3.7 is skiddy skid, though. I got concerned in some of the corners that maybe I was not going to make the turns. I don't love that. Now I have a Nate 3.8 on the order. Supposedly it is the solution. We shall see.

Options. Maps. Willingness.

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Human Wrecking Ball said...

Rad post bra. Thats some country you got out there. I am glad YOU are keeping it clean.