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06 December 2010

little oysters

Riding in the rain is not a probrem for me provided I do not have to start in the rain. Let the drops fall after 5 minutes or a block deep, why then it's no issue.

A house full of jabbering baby-shower goers can overcome that hesitation. I'll start in a downpour to get out of that.

With a willing heart I rolled out, and that's all the guarantee you need to ensure that it stays dry for a while. I had my plastic raincoat (a.ka. personal sauna). I had my fenders. Fully. I had my saddle cover,
which today is a very odd pink due to my red wool pants bleeding all over it. Most of all I had my wool clothes; if you can stay warm, being wet is just an inconvenience.

My mission was to restock the caprock. Carmel to the Ord...GO!

Switch up the route up the hill to include more dirt. Side streets to trails to side streets to traffic to side streets to trails..through the C-side! (where it's too bad I couldn't pry the little oysters from their mooring in Fresno-By-The-Sea)

... and on to the Ord itself.

As dry as it had been until I was on those trails was as wet as it became shortly thereafter. You forget how greasy some of that side hill sandy clay becomes. Then you are reminded. Hey hey! what's a crash or 2 between friends? Who among us does not love holding their cantilever brakes' levers in a death grip as no change in speed occurs? It's exciting!

The boys and I had partially delivered the goods on our after-school ride t'other day. The packages were hidden in the chaparral across from the Mudhen Express entrance.

The waters receded here, and it was a good spot for a dry out and drink up. Shake the jacket vigorously. Turn it inside out, repeat.

The rain began again soon enough, and this time it meant it.

Alfredo's will allow you to bring your bike in on an off night. It occurs to me now- to that crowd the only reason for showing up on a bike is because you've had your license revoked. At least it gives me some street cred. I was a bit disappointed that no one was vomiting outside, but I realize you can't have everthing evertime.

And, speaking of vomiting, having everthing, and pink saddles...

Booyah. I hate myself for wanting one.


rick said...

what color do you want your fork ?
pink ?

Lord Hayden said...

you should have stopped back by oyster central around 11:30 last night....there was plenty of vomit for everyone after mystery stomach flu

Gunnar Berg said...

Mudguards rule!

Saddles? Except for the rear two, I guess you'd have to have a real specific bike to put them on, said the man with a white saddle and white wraps, etc.

reverend dick said...

A pink fork?! That would be gauche.

Is that thing really out of pre-production? Really really? Paint it to match, please. _odd has got the lowdowns; some kind of green.

It'll look so nice with my classy pink saddle.