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02 December 2010


I told my older son, D, that he isn't a real boy after all. He is actually a rock we found at the beach. He appreciates my honesty, and is marveling at all the ways we have fooled him into thinking he is more than a simple rock. There are several seemingly illogical threads in the fabric of his story, but he is a rock so he can't expect everything to make sense.

I felt the time had come for him to face the Truth today, on an after-school bike ride. It's a nice opportunity for parents to teach their children valuable lessons.


Gunnar Berg said...

Might I recommend Annie Dillard's book, 'Teaching a Stone to Talk'.

houvenagle said...

You should make him sleep outside and hide a key under him...probably time he earns his keep.

Johann Rissik said...

Lucky youngster to have a rock of a Dad.

Old Nevermore said...

You are the best Dad of all.