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27 May 2010

You do what you do because you want to

I do what I do because Bob fucking told me to. It's time we got some Old Time Fire and Brimstone back in this bissh.

I'm feeling a need to tighten my gyre some, the falconer's call has become indistinct.
Sometimes now I ride the bike. That's when things are Rightest.

Anyhow, here's some pictures:

Damn. I know you haven't seen this thing in yeeeeears. I'm experimenting with making the Soulcraft SS comfortable to ride. I had this bike made in 2001, when I was trying for room in the cockpit with TT length, and no thought of HT. It has a little baby HT, and is too long and too low, so it's been hanging while I ignore it or idly speculate about selling it. This recently installed squishy fork (while it does push the rigid scpecced front end up to a comfortable height) makes for some strange, floppy, laid back handling.

Those bars? Well. "How many clowns can you fit in there?" has always been a question that holds my interest.

Fat drunk and slow is one way to get through a bike ride.

Tonight is the Full Moon. If it ain't raining in your town, you know what to do.


juancho said...

What kind of critter is that?

reverend dick said...

Pituophis catenifer catenifer. California Gopher Snake. What can I say? there're a lot of them and, with my shaky idolatry, they're safer to handle than the rattlers...

Freewheel said...

I would ask how many bikes you actually own, but I'm guessing you've lost count.

Gunnar Berg said...


juancho said...

A very respectable looking serpent.

Lord Hayden said...

Got your message but I have the Memphis Blues again, and will continue until 19:00 hours on June 9th. At which time I will surely have this oil spill under control and all ducks, she-manatees, and otter-folk will be scrubbed clean.

Echelon 133 said...

One can never own TOOOO many bikes. They are my sanity and Church all in one.

SleepyGeuseBoxx said...

I feel like a suspension corrected rigid fork could cure the Soulcraft. Perhaps suspension corrected for 150mm. That would make a virtual tall head tube with the slacker geometry to "bring home the bacon".