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05 May 2010

fibrous networks of Self

Sometimes the road is rocky along the way boys.

Injury, heartache, trouble and loss. Riding bikes is bringing me back. Slowly, slowly. I feel dangerously close to decrepitude.

The Stairs are gone.

Same old used to be.

They are gone, but potentially salvagable at this late date. Who's got 2 strong/willing friends and an Xtracycle...?

The trail has been glazed over. This section of Fort Ord is ruined fro twisty singletrack until further notice. Do not start with trails, do not pass wildlife.

I got ambitious that day and really overextended myself. Cold rain, and pulled muscles. Dang, the traction was so good.

Sunny days.

Wanna know what is inspiring to me right now?

This is a way to get to work! Isn't that great? There are all these little snatches of trail within the city (well, town anyway) and they can be overlooked or seen for the gems they are.

It is time to be covered up. Tall socks and long sleeves keep los garrapatas y los poison oak away.

One of these days, when you hear a voice say "Come" where you gonna run to?

And as far as the Sleaze Otter went? All the stories you heard were true. And, some piggies need to understand fun is not cast out in the mud before you; you have a role therein.


Gunnar Berg said...

May your soul be well.

blackcatbicycles said...

things ain't what they used to be. damn, i liked those stairs. many fond memories were created there. so much beautiful open space is being ruined. monterey county has shoved a shotgun in their collective mouth and now they're fooling with the trigger. too bad the salt water intrusion will make the property/ buildings/ taps on that land unusable in 5 years.
i hope there's gonna be a panda express there instead. 5 years of panda express is better than centuries of forest growth.

good to see you're back at it.

the sleaze otter was a great time for those of us willing to let it be.

Lord Hayden said...

It truly breaks my heart to imagine all of those poor bikers forced to ride their bikes and drink beer on a Saturday night. Next year I'm partying with the Kenda bimbos.

juancho said...

wtf with the snakes man?

That Steve Earle album has been a balm for me many times.