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07 March 2010

it's made for a MAN

A successful fitting of the 115mm square taper BB. Now to order one that is the appropriate quality.

It was nice to get the cyclocross bike together- just in time for Spring! just in time for Sun!

It is that time again, peoples.

The time for YOU to help your trails, because no one else will that's for sure. They'll just try to ride around and widen the trail.

As I was standing there, on my favorite section of trail in that area (you know the one) with my folding saw and my coldbeer, a group of 15 or so riders came upon me. They were all aboard new Specialized bicycles. (again.) Specialized is running dealer tours in Fort Ord and they owe me some beer for keeping those trails in riding shape for them. None of those yahoos were offering to help, none of those yahoos were offering beers, and many of them were intimidated to ride across the log jams.

That all took about 1.5 hours of my day. Out in the woods. In the sunshine.

Had a little crash in this puddle:

the front wheel washed in the sandy muck and I stacked hard into the Manzanita...16.6% of cargo damaged, which required immediate shotgunning. The rest that are left are all shook up under the caprock.

This was also in play:

Spring may be sprong, chickens.


Fxdwhl said...

that is a fine looking cycle. spring is peeking around the corner here with temps almost touching 60. snow meltoff continues. asshole mt bikers are making plans to ruin dirt trails at this moment i'm sure. and any rain will only worsen the conditions. road is still the sensible man's option.

YATE said...

That is good karma.

my said...

nice work saving those wounded hams.
is there a consensus on whether this sort of trail 'armoring' is appropriate? i only ask as i was doing similar work the other day in the santa cruz redwoods when a fellow (who claimed to have built 'all these trails here') chewed me out. he also claimed that such work kept the trails wet and were BAD for them! who knew?!
so the question remains, this is cool right?

reverend dick said...

The question is answered: this is fucking KICK ASS!

I'm no expert, but Ive got a lot of words to use:
1) SC and Fort Ord are entirely different ecosystems, and Fort Ord dries out pretty well it being sand and all- and plus, I armored that section 5 years ago and it held for 3 years, and has only gotten truly bad again this year. Granted, we've had an ass ton of rain.
2) The ground under the redwoods is covered with duff everwhere BUT the trail, and it doesn't seem to hurt it...
3) highly trafficked mud holes seem like a lot more of an issue than armored trails- look at the work done on Ukon, that concrete mesh has held up real dang well.
4) People love to lord it over other people, even if/especially when they're full of ish. Which I think that guy was.

Any legitimate trail knowers-of out there care to weigh in?

my said...

well, if no one disputes it, you win! well played!
thanks for the reassurance, now i've got to go do some more armoring, maybe i'll do the sidewalk next...

Human Wrecking Ball said...

You're a lumberjack and you're okay!