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11 March 2010

lewd tales

Lurid details: Ride bikes, eat lunch, have Tootsie Pops, and shoot BB guns.

Lascivious photos:

One thing at a time.

The spring is too strong for J to cock his own gun. Correspondingly, the little guy gun packs significantly more of a wallop than the "adult" model. Weird.

Double up on the fun time.

Shoot the hell out of some paper sack.

Get your "GUN FACE" on. Do what you like, do what you want to...let's have some fun.


juancho said...

I feel safer knowing the Minutemen are out there protecting our borders.

reverend dick said...

Any paper sacks or cans trying to git in here and take my job...well, they just better watch the eff out!

Gunnar Berg said...

I grew up the standard Red Rider. Small town, all th boys of a certain age had one. We used to have shootouts with them. No shooting above the neck. Chuck Wedge cheated and I had an unexplainable welt on my forehead. My Old Man took to visit one of his childhood buddies who lost an eye to the game. I quit playing.