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11 September 2009

tradition from purest water

So I'm riding home from work on my newish frankenbike, with my super flashy LED white headlight blinking merrily and my Superflash red tailight alerting everbody. I see the one car coming from my right at their stop (I have no stop, right of way all the way ) waiting to turn left as I'm blasting down Carpenter, and it goes. Fine. Timing is good, I'm rolling...but something in the movement of the 2nd car in line tells me to watch it. Sure enough, as I'm coming up QUICK, this car pulls out in front of me. I lay on the brakes and the bike goes into a skid and I'm yelling "FUCK YOU!" several times as loud as I can (which is loud), and trying not to T-bone this yellow cab (as I see now) and continuing to yell and skid as he pulls through.

I very nearly hit him at ~20mph.

I'm pissed. The next car calls out "Faggit!" as I am making a hasty U turn to "deal with" this cabbie. When that car realizes I am coming back up that hill, and doing it rapidly, they pull into the right lane and bail down HWY1.

That made me laugh, as I was looking forward to "dealing" with them as well.

When I reach the cabbie at the light, his window is down so I do not immediately kick in his side panel (which is what I guess I was planning as an opener). I stop and say "What the fuck, man? I almost smashed into the side of your cab." He says "I apologize [like magic I no longer wanted to beat him] I wasn't even tripping on the blinking light- the bike light- I was thinking about cars' lights. My bad. I'm sorry, I should've paid attention." I say "Thanks, man." I ride home with no more issues.

It occurs to me now that what he said really makes no sense; if I had been a car I would certainly have hit him. But it really did drain away my angry fightin' mood to hear the very first thing he said be an apology.

I would still like to "discuss" the lame insult with the jackasses in the black Mercedes, though.


Jonny Hamachi said...

There is No External Enemy.

That being said.

Fuck You, Fuck You, Fuck You, You're Cool, Fuck You, I'm Out of Here.

I Feel Your Pain.

Fuck Em All.

Oh, I just worked a "Dodger Friday". Believe me when I say:

Fuck Em All.

l'il hateful said...

"Faggit"?? What the hell? Were they 12?

Anonymous said...

Dont give 'em time to apologize. Swift and blinding violence is the only answer.