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01 September 2009

everbody's got to gravitate to something

An unidentified smallish bug flew straight down my throat on the climb home. Not 10 minutes later, on the descent a wasp hit my neck, dropped down my shirt front and stung me on the right nipple. That was 4 hours ago.

My nipple still hurts.

*EDIT: Next morning? Still hurts like some small electric charge. I know some of y'all are into this kind of thing, but honestly I can't get behind it.



Jonny Hamachi said...

No Comment.

Anonymous said...

maybe the bicycle gods are prepping you for the pain of receiving your first SSWC tattoo

A23 said...

Must be going around. I got stung by some mystery bug in the ditch of my arm a couple of days ago.

Now it's all swollen up and it feels like there's something in there.

Baby bugs, I would guess.

Little_Jewford said...

hey...saw one of your rides (unless you tagged someone elses) at "the shop"....I thought you had mad bike skillz?

Going to miss Friday ... in SF ...