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08 September 2009

stand in for your life

illustration by Tom Schamp

I have taken the front mudflap off my townie. It will never again darken my ride. It was fine on the road, but. Any time the tyre got knobbly because the going got gravelly, the mudflap wedged itself between the fender and the front tire. This was not threatening since the flap (made by my daughter) was soft leather with a heart branded on it, not hard rubber or plastic. The wedging did not result in crashes (though others have crashed due to mudflap wedgies), just having to stop and unwedge.

So. I do not recommendo the front mudflap for anything but the streetest of bikes.

In other unsatisfactory bicycle equipment news: my cross bike is proving to be a bitch to get together. I had planned on using parts I already own for the build. To this end, 2 bikes have donated parts. I stripped the threads on the non-drive square taper XTR crank (from the fixed wheel Crosscheck). I do not have the right length BB. 3 cross bikes are partially assembled and unrideable in my bike pile at this moment.

The new frame is pretty though.


Jonny Hamachi said...

There is only The Now.

Gunnar Berg said...

Love them flaps! Love the picture. Hate them stripped threads.

Waiting for McLean in the frigid Northland.

Anonymous said...

3 x bikes in a pile eh? How very sad this makes me :(

Anonymous said...

p.s. just saw yer frame over on BCB's blahwg. looks somewhat familiar :)