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17 April 2014

sifting through the debris

My money is not where my mouth is. That's my foot. If I were currently lurking in the shadows outside the Pixies show, like I aimed to be, then everthing would be different. Instead I am typing words for who? Life gets in the way, etc. Go find a hardcore cycling blog. You'll like it more.

And, hey- FYI, Alfredo's Cantina does have a lost and found. I went in there at lunch (on account of they do not open at 6AM like a real bar) and axed them if they had my stuff that I thought/hoped I'd left there after  the Saturday night debacle which was SKeaze Otter. So much more real without prizes and without attendance. A new low. Fun while it lasted, though. It was surprising and funny to me that my musette filled with my new jacket, my helmet?!, 4 Hamm's, 2 Budweisers, and 2 more musettes was still there after several days.

Dang. I got to eat more kale and get to bed on time. 


Little_Jewford said...

skeaz otter?!?!?!

reverend dick said...

Nothing to it. It was supposed to be a brief stop at the bar and then trails, but it devolved into lengthy stops at Segovia (almost thrown out. Again) and a lengthier stop at Alfredo's. No trails.

Apparently the organizers have a very loose grasp on their shit.

I need to see you regarding a rumored bike-in disco party at the bunkers.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have been with you at rock bottom.