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29 April 2014

a smooth get away

The time is right for riding in the _____s. You picks your lines and you takes your chances. What with the warmth and the extra  evening hours, it's a bonanza. I got the boys' bicycles all dialed and lubed, and we went riding. Out to the New Stairs for some Brown Lunch...

 ...tofu dogs. J gathered miner's lettuce (Claytonia perfoliota) for a salad, as it is going ca-razy all over right now. While waiting on the nice, quiet twig fired Kelly Kettle to do it's work, we set up the hammock and did some lounging, and some tree climbing. Those fellas are agitating to bring the rope swang back out there, and that is prolly a good idea since it is getting frayed at the contact spot with the horse bridge and should be retired from that use. D says we shoulda brought the BB guns and he is correct.

After, it was a short pedal over to Rattlesnake to check under the board...

...and there were 2! The second is just up and to the left of the obvious snake. This board is far enough off the trail that they are seldom bothered by dilettantes; it is some singularly focused hasslers only. We employed the Snakecharmer 9000 to induce some tail wagging. You can feel the fat-bodied menace. After an exciting lunge or 3, the boys were very ready to get back to bikes.

This is training for life and happiness. We are thinking of big ideas, and one of them is the notion of camping out once a week. That is a idea with which we can roll.


Gunnar Berg said...

Camping once a week. :-)

Back in the old house we had a neigh who used to build a fire in a fire-ring every night and sit out in his backyard drinking Hamm's and softly playing his trumpet(quite well). The lady on his other side called the police to complain about the smoke and "noise". The fire was "contained" and legal. They came over to us and asked if the noise bothered us. Noise?! For Chrissake he had played in the U.S. Army Band. They left him alone. He died a couple of years ago. I'd pay to hear him play now. All of which has nothing to do with camping.

reverend dick said...

If that lady had just joined him at the fire ring, she'd a been happier. It's little things like backyard campfires that make life worthwhile! To say nothing of Quality shitty beer and smooth jazz stylings.

The boys are getting big, and there are only so many opportunities for a kickass childhood. We are aware of it Now (at and for the moment), so instead of just going back to sleep I will try and make camp while the sun shines.

The Problem is: you think you have Time.

Juancho said...

Dude! Fat Snakes.

reverend dick said...

Story of my life.