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11 December 2013

based on science

Hey! Ho! I could fill this space with hurried and ill-focused phone pictures. Eh.

A couple things- "winter" on the central Wizeyeizeyest coast is toothless, but it'll gum you pretty hard. Covering my ears up real nice. I been wearing the full coverage booties, even- not just those dip-you-toe-in jobs the roadies all love. Some street riding in Santa Cruz for those that haven't been= my rep as a less than trustworthy ride leader comes home to roost once again as the cracks appear and the frowns come out. "I don't recognize this!" well, why would you? "There better not be any more hills! My legs are done!"

-record scratch here-

Lookit. A big ass ride (whatever the actual mileage may be on a given day, leaving aside the elevations) is just that. You should wait longer before you let that little crack open up real wide and stuff starts coming out. Like, forever. It ain't over until it's over...and when it is, you see how I guided you down the smoothest, warmest, least climby route available. People, in this town, wanna make me carry the heavy title- and it isn't undeserved, I like to ride and I like to ride interesting terrain and I like to keep riding BUT if I say it's the easy way you could keep your end up.

I know people who really are hard core.


Gunnar Berg said...

Old and extremely soft core.

reverend dick said...

Like a warm milk dud over there. It's prolly all the forced-air heating.

Get out under that upcoming moon and breath some O2 straight from the source! Or, sit by the fire with whiskey in the glass. Whichever.

I wondered about hitting the publish button on this one- contrary to appearances, I find complaining to be tedious at best. And, I worried that the implication would be that I am the hardcore when the actuality is that there does exist the Hardcore, and I ain't it- so any bellyaching in that regard had best be abandoned along the lines of you want me to give you something to cry about? type deal.

But mostly that riding a bike real swoopily is fun.