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13 October 2013

you ain't special

so shut the fuck up and finish your drink.

After an extended hiatus, the OG Black Cat road adventure bike is back together in as pure and bastardly a form as you could want. 120mm axled 5 speed Campagnolo Record hub is now a 130mm spaced 5 speed Campagnolo Record hub. What year? Who gives a shit? I'll just shut the fuck up and ride it until I break the axle. A Nuovo Record rear derailer pushes the chain around, at the behest of a NOS Suntour thumb shifter. Which one? I don't remember. The all metal job that looks like a little guard tower. Campy cranks circling a Phil Wood BB. New parts? Yes- the Paul Components Minimotos and levers; dull finish so as to be in keeping with the lowness of key.

Those Velo Orange MK retro cages hold a tall can real nice. I was pleasantly surprised at their robustness, since they use some pinner tubing.

As far as all the obsessive cataloging and hoarding of bike parts goes, I can't be bothered. I just want some well made stuff that lasts. Then I will ride the shit out of it. That's what it's for.

Gee, I wonder if I could ride gravel on it. That would be so neat. You know, if it were capable. Prolly have to buy something purpose built for that kind of extreme shit.


Gunnar Berg said...

nice ride.

blackcatbicycles said...

as the builder of said bike, i can assure you it is not rated for gravel grinding. c'mon down to the factory and well fit you up for another bike with quarter degree slacker angles and 5mm longer tubes. that way you'll be married to a custom fork with a special axle to crown height and rake, as well as drive train clearances that only match the latest options. it'll make all the difference in your performance.
you'll be so stoked.
until the next marketable term for just riding your fucking bike comes along...

we should at least cut that chainstay bridge outta there.

reverend dick said...

We did. What we SHOULD should do is put a new rear end on it.

At some point.

...and that super leggera fork is FLEXy.

blackcatbicycles said...

oh. well then. you'll be lucky to make a hundred yards of gravel grinding before the chainstays fall off without the extra support afforded by that bridge. i'm afraid you'll need a new bike...

YOU should put on a new rear end. you've been threatening that you would for years. time to buck up.
how badly could it go?