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08 October 2013

sometimes I don't know where this dirty road is takin' me

Other times I have a clear idea that I'll find the workplace at one end, and home at the other.

I don't leave my precious (whichever of them it is on any given day, and it changes) strung out in some bike rack, where it can get all banged around or all wet, and certainly not all out in the open where opportunistic grabholes might even so much as see it. Nope. I stash that ish where people don't go.

 Big seat bag holds lots of stuff I "need". The Minnehaha from Banjo Brothers is available through your local (of course and only!) bike shop, and is a real fine value.

Big pedals hold my feet. Toeclips are played out. Big gear is my version of what's the best compromise, since everthing is one.

Commute by bike. It is fun and it is good for _____.


Gunnar Berg said...

Quoting lyrics from
Waitin Around to Die?

reverend dick said...

sometimes I can't even see the reason why. I guess I'll keep a gambling. Lots of booze and lots of rambling. It's easier than just waiting round to die.

Gunnar Berg said...