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01 July 2013

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Every locale has it's riders; it's once-in-a-whilers, and it's on-all-the-timers. Ever scene has it's scenesters; it's hangers on, and it's core. Ever group has folks who bitch about what is less than ideal, and those who close they mouf and put they shoulder into the load.

I been riding the single speed a fair amount lately. Time is tight these days, and it packs a lot of fun into the effort. I do notice how willing it is to respond. Any time I feel like standing up and laying it down, the bike is already there- no wind up to wait for. I especially dig that.

And, in thinking about it and all the history of the local SS rides- I talked to M____ the other day, who remembers the Friday Night SS Rides as being "slam a beer and then go fast head down" or somesuch- I am up against my own participation in my local cycling scene. Or lack. I am as bad as any when it comes to lamenting the dearth of ride options around here. So, instead of bitching, I am bringing the weekly SS back really and for real with One Speed Wednesdays. And, yes, I am aware of how lame a name that is. You can bitch about it if you show up.

Details to come, but it's what you think it is. Straight outta Carmel!

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