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29 July 2013

I'll give you __ seconds to tell me what this is all about

Summer. Bike riding or bike writing? As Kool Keith says, "I ain't sitting by no computer, I'm going to Bermuda." So.

Passed this guy on the way to work:

and of course I turned around to check him out. He's accomplished some worthwhile modifications, but. He has fallen victim to one of the classic blunders of the private tinkerer. He thinks his reinvention of the wheel is Omega, and won't listen to another take on it. I tired of his know-it-alledness pretty quickly. Especially his line about being prepared for anything and capable of going anywhere- yeah, that's some bullshit talk right there, Holmes. Soft and street dependent, says I.

Here's a load of

And, you can talk and talk and if you don't actually come prepared, you will find yourself here

no pump/etc and stuffing matter into your tyre to make it back to the pave. You might take your commuter for granted and then try some larger dirt add-on and learn (again) the hard way: always carry the tools to fix your ride!

For what it's worth, it took approximately 2 minutes for the duff to powderize and become worthless.

Single Speed keeps happening. Keeps happening. There's a lot to be said for just head down pedal. Singlespeeding is dead! Long live singlespeeding.

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Lord Hayden said...

When the revolution/doomsday come, homeboy will still be able to practice cursive lettering on his front rack topboard.

2 lines for lower case, 3 lines for upper case or GTFO