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08 May 2013

it feels like a lot of things have already been said

Not everthing, but a lot. I get tired of my own voice. If I were to distill the lot it might amount to: make an effort. Be nice and have a good time. All at the same time. Combine those elements.

I been in Santa Cruz visiting some fellow cyclists and all around good-guys who got run into by a car while doing everthing right and minding their own business descending. The car pulled out to pass like it does in your nightmares. They are alive and fucked up, but nothing like they coulda been. A serious reminder. Way to pull it off, bros. I'm so happy y'all aren't killed!!

While there, I rode the SS up that one trail. It is so perfectly pitched (in some places) that you climb singletrack as fast as you can, and it just feels like you are in a tractor beam. It is a good feeling.

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