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11 March 2013

the accomodating circumstance

I hope you are getting your miles in.

Smiles over here aboard a few rigs, but lately mostly the plastick street bike. I have said it out loud and in person as recently as just this morning: road riding is as fun as mountain biking. Sure, I have to make a little bit of a icky face while spitting that out, for form's sake, but that takes nothing away from the Truth of it. Fun is fun, and where I'm sitting fast enough to bring tears to your eyes counts double. The extra bits, such as how you can swoop all over the place and pull Gs in the corners if it's swept, well that's piling excess on success. You might wanna put on your power clothes and get a hold of some of that.

The extra extra? Sheeeeeeeeeit. Only reason you can't take that one trail is because- wait, why can't you? Oh, come come. Horses for courses and all, but you'd be surprised.


Johann Rissik said...

Where I grew up there were no paved roads, and no mountain bikes, making riding a bike hard work at times in the sand.
At the age of 13 I first set rubber on this day, I get a kick when I hit the tar after miles of dirt (well, for a bit anyway)

the capcha says totelyer 709, but I swear that's the truth ;)

Buzz said...

You wanna pull some GEE? NF road DOWN to the sea. It'll round the corners right off on them dirt tires. But I'd say it's worth it!!


Sometimes just riding from the shop bike down the alley to the pet store( treats for the pack) lights my *fire* for the day.


No Sheeeeeeeeeeit...!