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26 March 2013

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Morgan Fletcher said...

I carry a 48" pocket chainsaw in my pack. It is amazing. It fits in a little pouch the size of a fat wallet, and I have gone through many logs up to 12", quickly. It takes two people, but there are shorter versions that can be used by one person. It's fun to rip through deadfall; chips fly everywhere, just like a real chainsaw, but it's human-powered, and of course fits in a hydration pack. I've carried folder saws in the past, and this is way superior. I've bought two now, and given the first to a friend so he can do trail work. Check it out.

(I'm also a night rider, ride a Retrotec, and have that same jersey. Oakland, CA. Happy to invite you to our night ride if you're ever in the area.)

reverend dick said...

Thanks for the invite, Morgan. I have yet to ride up there.

I have a pocket chainsaw, and it is useful, but the crosscut is...the heavy, heavy monster sound. It's fast as hell, it's almost no effort to use, and it's so danged traditional. It's not even too terrible to lug around.

Riders who do trail work are for real, however they do it.