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12 August 2012

guaranteed to give you the creeps

Day 2 of the Last Camping Trip of Summer 2012 began with coffee,breakfast, and agitating for the rope swing to be set up, like, now. I declined. It isn't too early to learn anticipation...

And, plus, in the meantime the kids come up with entertainment on their own. They brought out a couple chestnuts: Little Sally Walker ( a musical chairsesque dance party), and the new to me Good Day Bruce (an Australian accented word game). Hilarity ensued. Way better than everyone off in their own private virtual world.

For those who wondered what I'd forgotten this time, it was the tent poles for the 2 person tent that the girls would use. No problem, we drank a couple a Hamm's and pulled out some Surly Junk Straps and a pair of bungees and it was all of a sudden ultralight! Worked...

Children who sleep in tents deserve to be hassled.

Bike pile!

The water was way too low for grown-up rope swangin.  It was fine for the kids. I gave it a shot, and alls I got in return was a banged up foot.



Low hanging cliff jumps.


We gained some company for the day, and then lost them plus 2 of our own. Camping in shifts, if that's what it takes. E____ told us we were "core", but I think it's just doing it. Your kids are subject to your whims...make them toe the line. They will (maybe) thank you for it later.

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