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22 August 2012

Are y'all FUXKING KIDDING ME? This camping with bikes and children (you know, if you got them and stuff) is the greatest thing going. Full stop. No one recognizes this? Sheeeeeeeit. Fuck y'all

So. Y'all prolly slept on this Lyrics Born last time around, too. WTF? Press play, losers.

I swear. I try to throw y'all niggers a party and y'all don't even care.

What? Is hearing about how badass it is to SS that hillside ish again worth reading? I'm unmotivated to document it turn by turn save to recall how much value there is to be had in fucvking sweating so much your eyes hurt while ripping saingletrack. Bitches. Shut up. Damn.


Lord Hayden said...

nothing like a late night screed to warm my soul!

reverend dick said...

Saingletrack, MFer.

blackcatbicycles said...


snooze. wake up.


Alex, Garen, Camper and Marvin said...

we shall be cruzing though your hood on the way to big sur then liggett then indians/ arroyo within the next two weeks, should we let you know?

rigtenzin said...

Sure bike camping with kids is great for you -- with your chuck wagon waiting, natural water slide, and beers available. I should try it even though I'll have none of that available.

reverend dick said...

I hate my friends.

Garveng- Duh.

OMG, that chuck wagon ain't hauling itself. Encourage your resilient children to support by telling them the heavy bags of beer they are toting are their sleeping arrangements.

Juancho said...

Later that Day? I love it, but tell us something we don't know.

Tom said...

Sorry Rev, just got back from camping and saingletrock