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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

24 October 2011

please turn on your magic beam

Coming down the trail as big as night. I'd rather ride alone in the woods under cloudy skies above than to never know the honest depth of the world. I'm telling you right now that there's not enough contrast during the day to really see. You don't know what the hell I'm saying (I must be _____) because you aren't riding in similar circumstances.

Stand by your lonesome on the Caprock and the lights from Salinas are casting shadows. On an overcast night, when the moon is waning at 4%. No noise save the soft on-shore breeze, and a brief rustling from whatever the hell that is with the green eyes over there in the manzanita.

Feeling swift aboard the cross bike. Wearing my big boy pants against the brush.

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msantos said...

kb and i ended up takin 4 high schoolers out to parker flats last fri evening. rode past freedom, past comanches grave over towards the little bermed trail closer to the boy scout camp. then back towards the 51/54 vicinity. that's where kb lost his glasses (expensive). didn't figure that out till we were at the caprock, then down 50, back up barloy cnyn rd, dark now. over towards 51 in the dark to fetch the glasses. 4 high schoolers got their first singletrack that evening along with some night riding to boot. fun times, i'll always love the fort.