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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

16 October 2011

either get right or get left

...which leaves us with Day 2, in which our heroes venture further a stream than ever before and learn a thing or 2 in the process.

Having once before dunked my camera/phone in this particular river, I only took pitchers on the way out.

Don't be a piker; use your imagination to tell you these are photos of us all blowing up floaties.

And by "all of us", I mean me. Red in the face, I set out hiking up stream with the older children toting an inflatable seal and an inflatable shark. J was celebrating his 7th Birfday by wearing a life-jacket and using an inflatable kick board. I was to be swimming.

That water was COohOLD!

Take your breath away cold. We were already in, so after swimming the 1st unwalkable section, we eagerly waited the sun's further reach into the canyon. We alternated paddling and walking up to the narrows, where the walls close in tight. 30feet high sheer walls about 3feet apart. You can hear the low roar of the waterfall at the head (around several bends), and feel the rumble in the water. The kids were nervous. We made it, though.

By the time we got back, 5 hours had passed and we were too tired to do more than lounge about.

Night brought a very small camp____ by the river's edge. We roasted asparagus, baked green beans in foil with the coals, and the couscous took care of itself. I tried some TVP (Texturized Vegetable Protein) in an attempt to round the meal. It was taco flavored. I think the stuff is a fine vegetarian option (for camping)- it's hella light and has lots of protein- but the taco flavor, frankly, is terrible. Hungry as we were, it was not a winner.

We salvaged the evening with spotlighting crawdads, watching Jupiter crawl up the night sky about 16inches away from the Full Hunter's Moon, crafting more s'mores, and rousing wouldyourathers.

Would you rather live inside a bike (there would be a door, and you could have TV and stuff) OR just walk around?


blackcatbicycles said...

if i walked around, would i have to have a tv?

reverend dick said...

No. The walking around would be like your regular boring old Life.

You aren't required to have a TV in either instance. It is just that in the event you would rather live inside a bike (there would be a door at least) you could have the commonly held comforts of home within the context of being shrunk small enough to live in a bike. I'm not sure whether people would be riding your bike/home or not and the discussion concerning the (necessarily) drastic change in personal stature could be extensive. Probably SHOULD be.

blackcatbicycles said...

i go for walking never know what hack is gonna pick up your house(bike)and ruin everything. try getting home owner's insurance for a bike...
just walking would suck but that only seems a drawback if you can't ride. if you can't ride, then drinking whiskey would be a reasonable trade as far as hobbies go.

Lord Hayden said...

talking to some fisher folks in wetsuits a couple of weekends ago, there is a rope up the side of that falls that takes you to another long stretch of canyon that takes you to another falls. that's where the big trout live, the ones that fit just right on a bed of couscous. plans are being made to verify this.

reverend dick said...

Them fitches musta had SCUBA suits, cuz I found that rope and tried to climb it and got a FACE full of high speed H2O.

It was scary.

I am innerested in your plans if they occur when it is warm.