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28 March 2015

betrayed by your accent and manners

Street bikes in the dirt are a Good Time.

I had some things to say, but I forgot what they were. I have been meaning to say THANK YOU to whoever(s) did the extensive Poison Oak clearing on those several trails. It doesn't take much to knock that stuff back, as it's really fragile at the joints and you can use a switch no bigger than your finger. What it does take is the willingness, and that's both uncommon and much appreciated. So, THANKS, mystery trail steward!!!

There remain several logs along various sections, and of course, (always) more Poison Oak everywhere. Who wants to get loaded and do unpaid manual labor in the woods?

I'm feeling pretty these days. I've gotten bored with posting what feels like the same old ride a trail/drink a beer account- never boring doing it, just writing what feels like the same story- which means this spot is quiet. I mentioned before that I am posting some things at the Drunk Cyclist page, so if you are inclined check that out. Also, instagram has taken over documenting radness.

We just did a prep tour for the upcoming Condor (which kicks off Monday), and it was super fun. I had an issue with what I thought was a slow leak. I kept losing pressure, but try as I did (several times) I could not find a pinhole. Well, I had my suspicions, and when I got home I removed the tyre.

Yes, I retired that.

The issue was that both sidewalls were pulling away from the bead! The tyre wasn't losing air, it was expanding with the tear. Increasing volume equals decreasing pressure...

And when it drop, you got to feel how much you was doing wrong. I reckon that is a opportunity to realize how to do Right.

Don't take things so seriously. It's just riding bikes.


Scott said...

I should say that last weekend I did my first-ever bike camping trip, a 45-mile, 7000-foot journey with friends up and into the mountains, punctuated by a half-dozen beer resupply spots I had previously arranged. Your writings on topics such as these were highly influential to my plans. From the wisdom of the trail-side beverage to various admonitions to just get the fuck out there and do it, all of it was extremely useful. So thank you.

I'm in San Jose, formerly Salinas, spent much time on Fort Ord trails, etc. I hope our paths cross someday.

reverend dick said...

Fuck yeah, Scott.

Bill Smith said...

I lke both riding bike and drinking beer but I never do that at the same time.

reverend dick said...

Well, Bill, you do what you do because you want to. I do what I do because Bob fucking told me to.

And you should try it.

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